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Pasha Family

Imran & Nina Pasha reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand with their boys, Aaron & Joshua.  It's a beautiful city and God has protected them there but they live in constant fear that they may be sent back to Pakistan. Please consider helping them reach a safe place for their children.

Planning Meeting

Imran works with closely with other leaders at Chiang Mai Christian Fellowship.  He is special assistant to the Admin Pastor and takes care of all purchasing, logistics and event planning.  He also helps run the church sound system during services and teaches when called upon.

Physical Education

Imran has a strong background in sports and physical education.  He uses this experience to plan and organize local soccer and petanque tournaments. He also helps out in local schools to help children learn to stay in shape.

Teaching English

Both Imran & Nina are fluent in several languages.  They put this skill to work by assisting the area civil court system and immigration office.  It's a valuable tool in reaching others with the Gospel.  They use every opportunity to show others the love of Christ.

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Due to intense persecution the Pasha family fled their beloved home country of Pakistan in November of 2012.  Imran, his wife Ambreen (Nina), and their two young boys, Joshua and Aaron, were forced to leave their homeland.  Imran lost his job, their home was burned, and in fear for their lives they made their way out of Pakistan, through many trials, to Thailand.  Their belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ put them in great danger but by His grace they survived and are making the best of a very difficult and challenging situation.  They have found many opportunities to minister to others despite the constant fear that the long arm of Christian persecution may again reach them.  They serve their community and Imran is a staff assistant at their local church.  Sports events, teaching English, and Physical Education, and leading an Indian/Pakistani outreach minstry are some of the many areas where God is givnng them opportunities to share His love.  Exposure to danger is always a threat but that has not deterred them from continuing to serve their God.  Their status in Thailand is tenuous and the possibility of being separated from their boys is always a fear.  Please consider a tax-deductible gift to help them immigrate to North America.  A gift of any size gets them one step closer to obtaining a sponsor or the opportunity to obtain a Religious Worker visa.  Please feel free to examine more details of their education, ministry, and family background in the Family and Ministry sections of this site.

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