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Imran was born in Lahore, Pakistan on October 18th, 1967.  He gave his life to Christ as a young man and soon after began to pursue his calling to share the Gospel at every opportunity.  He received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Gujranwala Theological Seminary in 2001 and was ordained in 2009 by the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan.  He also received certifications to teach Physical Education in Pakistan and was an assitant coach for the Pakistan Olympic Handball Team in 2002.  His love for God's Word moved him to become part of the Pakistan Bible Society and a very successful Youth Leader.  Imran's passion for Christ was the driving force that moved him from local youth leader to a trainer for other youth leaders all across Pakistan.  Imran speaks 4 languages.  For details go to: Documentation Page.







Ambreen (Nina) Pasha was born on Feb. 11th, 1970.  During her college years God placed in Nina's heart a desire to know more of God's Word which led her to Gujranwala Theological Seminary where she eventually met Imran.  Nina has received a Bachelor of Arts from Punjab University and a Masters of Divinity from the Seminary.  She is an excellent teacher, speaks five languages, and is a devoted wife and mother.  Nina takes every opportunity to share the Good News of Christ and their home is always a place of wonderful hospitality and excellent food.  You will not find better Pakistani food anywhere in Thailand then at the home of Nina Pasha. For more details go to the Documentation Page.








Aaron Imran Pasha: Born October 15th, 2002

Joshua Imran Pasha: Born December 17th, 2004


Aaron & Joshua are excellent students and work hard to keep up their education.  They are active in sports and have learned to adapt to their sometimes challenging situation. Their hope is to have a permanent safe place to live and pursue God's will for their lives.





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