Below are some of ministry areas where Imran and Nina serve their Lord.  They have not held back on the opportunities despite their fear of deportation and lack of finances.  The call to share the love of Christ compels them to seek out places to serve and be a blessing to others.  They are an example to all of us of what it means to share the Gospel "in season and out".

personel bio picImran works with local pastors to encourage and coordinate outreach efforts.  He and Nina also started the Indo-Pak Agape Fellowship that ministers to area Indian and Pakistani families.  It started in their home and has now expanded to a local community center.  God has blessed this effort in many ways

personel bio picBeing that Imran and Nina speak four languages they are often asked to assist in teaching English.  The Civil Court system, the local Immigration office and several others have reached to them for help in teaching their staff the English language.

personel bio picSports ministry has always been a passion for Imran.  He still finds ways to use this passion and gifting by orgainizing soccer, petanque and general fitness events.  God has used these events as an opportunity to share Christ with many that have never heard the name of Jesus.

personel bio picNina Pasha is a picture of genuine hospitality. Her home is a place of warmth and good food. She also finds time to minister in the Indo-Pak Fellowship and volunteer at the school that her boys attend. Her spirit of encouragement is priceless to all that meet her. 

personel bio picOne of main areas of service for Imran is their local church.  He is Assistant to Admin Pastor at Chiang Mai Christian Fellowship. His duties include all purchasing, logistics, and event planning.  He also preaches and teaches when called upon and runs the sound system.  His service to Christ in these areas is invaluable to the church.  




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